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 Standard and Premium Account Generator Features

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KingsGen is

KingsGen is an account generating service that allows users to generate an extensive range of accounts, with a simple press of a button. The website and its features have been designed to enable users for a smooth, fast, and secure experience, making the life of the user almost effortless. 

KingsGen's primary focus is Quality; this is why we are consistently are updating our generator's database, ensuring all accounts are in working order; along with updates to the websites and its design to further improve and include new and advanced features into our service. 


Standard Generator Features

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Superior Quality

KingsGen accounts are consistently being updated to maintain our Superior Quality

Copy Buttons

This feature allows you to copy accounts in a click of a button easily

Save Feature

This feature will allow you to save your favorite accounts, for later use

See in the Past

This feature allows you to see the previously generated account

Out Of This World Interface

Our GUI interface was designed from the ground up built around the Quality & Smooth experience

News System

KingsGen News System notifies users when an account has been updated

Deluxe Database

Fast, Secure & Fresh sums up our Deluxe databases in 3 words

Always Room for Improvement

Our Accounts & Features are always being worked on to improve Quality & User Experience

Premium Generator Features

Above Features Also Included

Our Premium Generator deletes the account after you generate it so that you would be the only owner of that account

Bringing your exclusive private accounts that are only present in the premium generator!

The Premium Generator utilizes a separate improved & optimized database, allowing for Better Performance & Higher Quality

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